Nuno Rosa

Head of VM and Styling E-commerce Manager

Vero Moda – BESTSELLER India

Nuno Rosa, is a Portuguese, Senior Creative Head of Visual Merchandising with more than 25 years of Global International experience in the areas of Fashion Retail, Luxury Gifts, Leather Goods and Travel Retail Accessories, will host the much anticipated event, 7th edition of VM Challenge at In-Store Asia, 2019. VM Challenge is the one-of-a-kind Window Display contest for the VM Community, which invites visual merchandisers to put together on-spot VM schemes with given props and materials within 60 minutes. The competition is judged by a special jury comprising some of the experts from the design fraternity on the basis of lighting fast ideation and skillful execution amidst the twist and turns.

With work achieved across 3 Continents in markets has London, Mexico, Dubai, India and Portugal (including both Island of Azores and Madeira), he has dedicated his passion of Visual Merchandising and travel on this beautiful journey, achieving success in some of the most iconic global brands in emerging markets. Nuno Rosa has driven to perfection is goals, increasing sales performance and support the brand DNA, growing his visibility on the different business channels they trade.

Nuno is also a social media influencer in the world of visual merchandising with his Facebook page, FASHION VISUAL MERCHANDISING, and has about 6200 followers on that page.

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